Professional Projects


Toolkit:     C#,, .net, DevExpress, EyeShot

Prota Structure ™ is a strong structural analysis and design suite specifically designed for structural engineers, civil engineers and earthquake engineers to design buildings fast, effectively and accurate. Prota details ™ is another standalone tool for civil engineers to quickly create, change or modify drawings and do various engineering related calculations via macros.

In these softwares I contributed into the following:

  • Implemeting engineering and design specifications & codes into the software by preparing related computational libraries. Including USA, EU, UK and Turkish Standards.

  • A fully customizable brace generation macro for structures designed using braces.

  • Truss Design Macro, where you can automatically design the members in your truss system.

  • Automated Wind Load generator that calculates the wind pressure and wind loads using the dimensional information of the structure using Malaysia, British, European and US Wind Load specifications.


Toolkit:     C#, Unity

CitGenius atlas is a multipurporse 3D GIS tool. The things i performed are as follows:

  • Implemented serialization mechanisms for OGC geographic shapes using KML, JSON, GeoJSON, WKT, CSV, and plain text.

  • Developed a frequently used KML editor tool to create, edit, and delete geographic shapes on a given terrain using KML specifications. It has the capability of transferring data to and from other GIS software such as Google Earth, and ArcGIS earth.

  • Reimplemented existing tools using a pattern where the core engineering part is separated, and independent from Unity, which is used for UI and rendering only.

  • Implemented the bundling mechanism for tools. This gave developers and designers the ability to create UIs automatically, depending on the needs of different clients using different bundles.

  • Developed a Touring Tool where users took screenshots of different views, and animate the camera between these screenshots with various speed options.

  • Made a 3rd party tool that filter and extract specific file extensions and files among huge data.

  • Have been working on insolation calculation tool.

Side Projects

2D CAD based Mesh Generator for Overlapping Lattice Method, OET.

Toolkit:     C#, GDI+, .Net, Winforms

    I am currently researching on application of Overlapping Lattice Method (OLM) for buildings or various structural shapes under earthquake loads. Overlapping lattice method is basically a solution system similar to Finite Element Method (FEM), but all the media is designed as 2D axial load carrying elements, and connectivity of the mesh is achieved using a limiting value called "horizon". For more information about the method:

     Overlapping Lattice Modeling for concrete fracture simulations using sequentially linear analysis

     Any 2 points with a distance smaller the horizon is connected. So to mesh any kind of systems easily and fast, I wrote a 2D engine using GDI+. The engine performs quite fast. Previously I had to create the meshes by hand in a lot of recursive methods.This naturally caused a lot of time consumption and was error prone since I had to change a lot of parameters by hand, and it was working deadly slow... For example, for a structure with a node count of 70000 and element count of 280000, it took about 45 minutes to mesh it. Right now the same setup is solved at around 30-40 seconds after preparing the geometry.

    Currently the engine is able to prepare outputs to draw the mesh in GNUplot, the most used graphical application for scientific purposes. Because I have not implemented drawing mesh outputs in my engine yet.My future plan is to transfer the engine from GDI+ to openGL because GDI+ is not quite working fast with a lot of elements. Some key features I used in my engine are;

  • Test driven development for polygon and point algorithms

  • Multi-threading for responsiveness of the interface

  • Snapping and selection algorithms, rectangular selection, zoom, pan, rubber-band zoom, extent zoom and various CAD stuff.

Below you can see a quick demonstration of the OET.

FIREBOWL, 3D bowling game

Toolkit:    Unity, C#

    This is a bowling game I made for mobile. Tried to make the game as user friendly as possible but also realistic. Controls of the game is incredibly easy, you draw a pattern on screen to throw the ball, thats it. Its even possible to curve the ball by drawing curved patterns. the faster you draw your pattern, the faster the ball will be thrown.

    Still working on particles, lighting, networking, sound and UI. Planning to release the game for both IOS and Android whenever it's ready.


OzgunGL, fun with openGL

Toolkit:     OpenGL, C++

    This is a self educational graphics engine I am working on, currently its on a quite early stage, adding small steps at a time. My challenge is to prepare a playable game using this in house engine, without using any external libraries apart from core ones.

Current implementations:

- .obj loading via assimp

- Phong shading with diffuse, specular and ambient lighting.

- Directional, point and spot lights

- Face Culling

- Reflections via stencil, and depth buffers

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