Özgün Elpek
Software Developer



E-mail: elpekozgun@gmail.com

Phone:  +90 555 637 1453

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I am Ozgun Elpek from Ankara, Turkey. I studied civil engineering in college, and worked +2 years after graduation. It took me a while until i discovered the real thing i enjoy in this life. By the time i got transferred to software development department of the company i used to work, and since then I have been working as a software developer. I am currently working in Zibumi, that specializes in GIS technologies. Apart from my day job, I work on game technologies, and I love learning and applying new things.

Software Engineer - Zibumi

​2019 - present

I have joined GIS technology development team of Zibumi in January 2019 and have worked on following duties:

  • Implemented serialization mechanisms for OGC geographic shapes using KML, JSON, GeoJSON, WKT, CSV, and plain text.

  • Developed a frequently used KML editor tool to create, edit, and delete geographic shapes on a given terrain using KML specifications. It has the capability of transferring data to and from other GIS software such as Google Earth, and ArcGIS earth.

  • Reimplemented existing tools using a pattern where the core engineering part is separated, and independent from Unity, which is used for UI and rendering only.

  • Implemented the bundling mechanism for tools. This gave developers and designers the ability to create UIs automatically, depending on the needs of different clients using different bundles.

  • Developed a Touring Tool where users took screenshots of different views, and animate the camera between these screenshots with various speed options.

​Software developer - Prota Software

​2016 - 2019

 In Prota software I worked as a software developer with duties as :

​1) Prepared libraries and implementations of structural design codes into Prota Structure.

2) Designed and implemented standalone/integrated Sub structural system macros.

3) UI.

4) Data structure and flow design.

5) Algorithm optimizations


Structural engineer - Prota Engineering and Consultancy


2013 - 2016


 I worked in Prota Engineering and Consultancy company as a civil engineer specified in steel structures.


C#, C++, C, vb.Net,  GLSL, XAML, XML


.Net, Unity, .Net Core, asp.net Core

Hobbies and activities

Music Recording, video editing, movies, learning and evolving.

Msc. Computer Engineering, Middle East Technical University

2018 -

Bsc. Civil Engineering, Middle East Technical University

2007 - 2013

Antalya Yusuz Zİya Öner Fen Lisesi


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